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Test, this thing on? Hello, I'm Chad...

Welcome! This see if I can get this started out, I have been working in photography for more than twenty years. I learned with film and have made transitions as photography has changed a lot over those years. As much as technology has changed photography the basic principals have stayed the same. Starting with film and my natural inclination to learn the hard way (doh) was before all of the worlds information was available on the internet means I made more than my share of mistakes. I've learned from them or learned how to avoid most of them. Yes, all of the information I can share with you is available elsewhere for the most part. The thing about having all of the worlds information available on the internet at anytime is…well, reading about it and understand it and putting it into practice are all very, very different things. I hope to be able to write and show you things that are easy to both understand and put into practice. Writing is not my strong suite, I write like I speak, so stay with me as I give this a shot…

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I'll give you a very quick run-down of my experience. I started my career while living in Nebraska. I moved to Texas knowing only one person and by sheer determination I forced a career for myself because this is what I wanted. I started freelancing, working in photojournalism. Soon after I started doing some commercial work by accident. A few years later I would go work as a staff photographer at several newspapers throughout Texas. After many years I moved to Tennessee and returned to freelancing. Still working in photojournalism I started moving toward more commercial work. Not long ago I moved back to Nebraska and although I will do a few photojournalism assignments now and then I really live in the commercial photography world now. At each stage of my career I have learned different things and at each stage I have hustled to be the best I can be. I'm still learning, if you're not still learning then you have either given up or you're dead. There is always something new to learn.

While living in Tennessee I ended up teaching college photography classes in addition to my normal shooting schedule. I really enjoyed teaching and still enjoy seeing former students have such success. I know that everyone reading this has seen their work in either editorial, advertising or video format. I am willing to share almost everything I know (I gotta keep that one trick for myself, ha). It doesn't matter how much you learn, there is one very, very important part of this that can't be taught. I can't tell you when a moment is happening and when to push the shutter button to capture that moment! I don't view this as a competition, sharing information and making others better doesn't create less opportunity for me! Actually it's's better to have people making nice images, it's better to have people practicing business correctly, it's better for photography…it's just better when people improve themselves and their community.

Now living in Nebraska I miss teaching advanced classes and seeing those students go onto their own success so I'm starting this experiment to see what happens. I hope to share both here and through a series of workshops some tips, ideas, theory, business ideas and more. Keep an eye out for regular workshops dealing with lighting, business and everything between. I don't know where this will go or how long it will go, but I'm willing to try and see what happens…so after all of this blah…here is my first tip: Learn business! It doesn't matter how good of a photographer you are, if you can run a business you won't be a photographer. We all have to pay bills, buy food and everything else needed to live, in addition we want to save money for the future, buy shiny toys and enjoy life every day. Those things take money and making money from your photography is a business. I will at a later point go into more detail about this but one of the things I have told every class I have ever taught is…learn business and how to run a successful business!

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