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Book of lists

Last fall I made this photo of downtown Knoxville for the Book of Lists. Tracey Trumbull (the former director of photography at the Knoxville News Sentinel) had called and wanted a specific look to the photo. We talked it over and came up with a few locations that using a tilt shift lens would work from. I tilted the lens and it gives the photo the feeling of being scale model when done correctly. The photo has now been published and I wanted to share what the cover of the book looks like, enjoy...

So today I found out that the photo was entered in a contest and won Best Cover from an industry trade group called Data Joe. That's always pretty cool, and here is what the judges had to say...

"That Knoxville News picture is hands-down the best. To me, none of the other journals come close.  Awesome picture = awesome cover. Reminds me of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, which is never a bad thing, right?"

"A very fresh, modern take on a cover. Kudos to the photographer for a kick ass tilt-shift photo with thoughtful treatment and execution."

Book of Lists002

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