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Water, water everywhere...

Last weekend I went to shoot high school football on Friday night and ended up in a flood. It started to rain just as I got the the stadium so I got out my umbrella and rain covers and went on up into the press box to stay dry. After about a half hour they called the game due to the rain and lightning so I marched back out to the car and call it in. It was raining harder than I have seen it rain in Tennessee and I noticed that the ground parking lot was starting to fill in one area so I grabbed a camera and went stomping around in the flood water. Stomping around in flood water is something I used to do in Texas a lot, it would flood in Texas on a regular basis and always in the same areas and I know it sounds weird but it was kind of fun, in that it made nice photos. Here is one from my flooding last Friday night...water, water everywhere.

Flood 2

Chad Greene