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What's going on?

I have been really busy lately and can’t wait to share some of those photos with you but many of them have not yet run so they wait for their debut on the blog. I’ve also been busy again covering the University of Tennessee football games. For the second year I am shooting up in the president’s skybox but this year am only doing that for the first half. That allows me to either move on to another shoot that day or walk around and see what I can find that is interesting in a sea of orange, stay tuned for some photos from that too. I am teaching photojournalism again at Pellissippi State Community College. I have some students who are wonderful photographers, they just need some focus so to speak. I’m enjoying teaching it’s a nice break from shooting for a day. I’ll let you know how the class goes as we get further along. And just that quick, I’m back to editing for the rest of the day...

Chad Greene