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Oh no...

Ah, tourists…if you live in Tennessee you know, if you don't let me share with you my thoughts. On the main road up to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is Pigeon Forge, it's…hhmmm oh yeah, it's a beautiful location filled with gaudy tourists and stores that cater to them. Normally I would do anything in the world to avoid driving anywhere near, but for a change I charged in last week. I decided I wanted to make some photos of the place and to make it interesting I decided to use my iPhone for all of the images. Where else are you going to find your airbrushed t-shirts or a bear standing in front of Santa standing in front of the Nascar store and Jesus Saves! Let's not forget all of the As Seen On TV stores and a go-cart ride and putt putt golf on every block. But there's more…Pancake restaurants, dinner theaters, outlet strip malls, hotels, wedding chapels and Christmas stores year round. I don't know what else you could ask for but I kinda want to go back and make more photos, and then not go back again…what do you think?

Chad Greene