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Shooting football when I'm sick

Another Friday night, another football game. This time I had a cold though and was feeling generally miserable during the game. It was cold and rainy out and I was had just about had enough fun for the night when I made this photo. I like clean backgrounds in my shots and this is about as clean as they come. There were several amateur photographers there and I answer some general questions as usually happens, but here is what I don’t understand...if you only have a 200mm lens or less even a 60mm lens, why are they walking about with monopods? I see it all the time and it cracks me up, you don’t need it, it’s not heavy enough that you can’t hand hold the camera and lens. A couple of weeks ago I even saw a guy with a point and shoot on a monopod at the Tennessee game. I know the guy at the camera store told you that it what the “pros” do but come on, some common sense would say it is not necessary, what do you think?


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