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Last minute shoot

Last week I got a call from the Memphis Commercial Appeal on the day before I left for Boston. They were working on a story and had a reporter in Knoxville and needed some photos. They gave me the reporters info, I talked to her and she told me about the story, it is a story about technology in schools and how much different school districts spend per student. Well her plans fell through and at about 2PM she says she doesn’t know and gives me the last chance contact info to see if I can just take care of it. No problem, I talk to the school contact in Maryville and she says OK but at this point it’s 2:30 and school gets out in an hour, did I mention that I’m at least 45 minutes away and trying to pack? I head out and make it over to the school with ten minutes left in the day and make these photos just in time to get stuck in school kids pick up traffic. The paper was happy and really I think I made nice photos for a grand total of ten minutes shooting time.

Chad Greene