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Taking time to smell the roses

A few weeks ago I was covering another event for the University of Tennessee at the UT Gardens. Before anyone started to arrive and things got going president Joe DiPietro decided to walk through the gardens, so I tagged along. The UT Gardens are amazingly beautiful! It was just he and I and we had a nice conversation, at one point he literally stopped to smell the roses and I made this quick reaction photo. If you haven’t had the chance to meet President DiPietro yet he is one of the most genuinely nice people around. I showed him the image I made and he loved it, later that week at another event he asked if I would get him a copy, he wanted to put it up in his office. I make a lot of images of the President DiPietro starting out with his first official portrait when he got the job through getting ready as we speak to go meet him and his wife to make their Christmas card...and this is one of my favorite images.

Chad Greene