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During the Heart of Giving symposium I had the chance to make some nice photos. I saw a comedian who was clever, she had the women laughing it up for almost an hour. I like this shot of her because of the motion in the image. Later in the day I had the opportunity to photograph Dr. Bass. He runs the body farm here in Knoxville and it is always interesting to hear him speak. On this day he showed photos and told the story of his experience in examining the Big Bopper to find out what really happened to him in the plane crash from way back in 1959. This was done on behalf of the family and was very interesting to hear him talk and people are always interesting what he is doing. Here he is talking about exhuming the body while a slideshow plays, I like the expression and framing. I’m not a big fan of dead people but Dr. Bass does make it very interesting to say the least.

Chad Greene