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Graveside service

I’m not a big fan of funerals or graveside services or anything related. To be fair I don’t know anyone who is! Recently I had to go out and cover a graveside service for the Knoxville News Sentinel. The story is tragic, a man who was killed seven years ago was finally laid to rest. Just a couple of months ago his wife was convicted of murder and the family finally felt they had closure and were able to lay him to rest. They were very nice and we were the only media at the cemetery. I spoke with the family and had permission to do what I needed. For the most part I like to photograph things like this with a long lens, to stay out of the way and to compress the scene. I had been keeping a distance and as they were getting ready to intern the ashes people started gathering around and I moved in a little closer to have a clear view. I ended up making some nice photos that show the loss and impact on the family, even after seven years.

Chad Greene