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Favorites of 2012

I put together a few of my favorite images from last year. It was an odd year overall. Some really great moments, good friends and clients and a new camera system but there were tough times too. Family members that were sick, my first year that I didn't shoot college or pro football on a regular basis and I'm still trying to be more social on social media sites (I'm getting better). 2012 was a strange year indeed, but it did make for some nice images. I look forward to the new year, new challenges, new clients, new adventures and new images. Anyway, the slideshow for my favorite images of 2012 is on the video page and as something silly and fun I also put together a slideshow for my 2012 favorite iPhone images, enjoy!

[vimeo width="900" height="506"][/vimeo]

[vimeo width="900" height="506"][/vimeo]

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