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College Home Run Derby 2015

Another year at the TD Ameritrade College Home Run Derby. Another long day and so much fun at the same time. The College Home Run Derby really is a great event that is growing each year. It was so busy and so much to cover that I feel like I'm running from spot to spot throughout the day. This year I handled a lot of the management for the crew of four photographers, or at least it feels like that. Go here, you go there and then off I run to another spot. What a day, here are just a few images from the day... Derby C 1010Derby C 1066Derby C 1098Derby C 2601Derby C 2732Derby C 2858Derby C 3047Derby C 2869Derby C 2955Derby C 1383Derby C 1446Derby C 1473Derby C 1493Derby C 1658Derby C 1798Derby C 1873Derby C 1918Derby C 1979Derby C 2131Derby C 12630Derby C 13017Derby C 8459Derby C 8621Derby C 8888Derby C 13255Derby C 13324Derby C 13384Derby C 13346Derby C 11608Derby C 11930Derby C 12088Derby C 12203