College World Series Home Run Derby

A couple of weeks ago I was on vacation, queue Holiday Road song from National Lampoon’s Vacation, with the family. As I was driving in the midwest a good friend of mine Rodney Green called and asked if I would shoot the College World Series Home Run Derby for TD Ameritrade with him in two days. (a quick note, Rodney is one of the best photographers around and when I was starting my career he taught me everything) Well even though I only had one camera and one 50mm lens with me what was I to do, of course I said yes. I made a call to borrow some lens’ from another friend and met Rodney at the ballpark in Omaha, Nebraska about 30 minutes after driving into town. It was a pretty fun event, but I always have fun when Rodney and get the chance to hang out because all we do is laugh. We made photos of a little league team getting batting practice, special guest’s and their families at the pre-party and of course the home run derby and the fireworks after. We had all access to be anywhere we wanted on the field and I have never moved in that close to a batter before. TD Ameritrade was happy with the results, Rodney and I are still debating who did a better job, each of us thinking it was the other. Next year I’m already planning my trip to shoot with Rodney again only this time with all of my gear.